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The story was about a young girl who lived during World War II.

As Anna's story unfolds, Mark is haunted by the image of Hitler's daughter. He wonders what he would have done in her place if he had known his father was an evil man leading the world into a war that was destroying millions of lives. And if Mark had known, would he have had the power and determination to stop him?

This intriguing novel poses powerful questions about a frightening period in history and will force readers to examine moral issues in a fresh, compelling light. This book is essentially useless for Holocaust studies.

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We have a frame story with a boy listening to a supposedly made-up story by one of his classmate about Hitler's daughter. My major issue with This is an interesting story, about the made up daughter of Hitler. We find out that she lives a life full of secrets. She lives in the country side, so, she has no clue about the war.

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She rarely sees her father, Hitler. She is being brought up by her tutor. As well as living in a life full of secrets, she too is a secret literally. Nobody outside of her father's house knows about her. She is sheltered and concealed from the outside world. Mark begins to become distracted and intrigued about Anna's story.

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He wonders if Heidi was a real person. He starts becoming obsessed with asking questions about Hitler and his life. He finds the story about Heidi so realistic, that he starts pestering Anna to tell him and the others what really happened to Heidi.

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Later on, we discover, that Heidi has been taken to her father's bunker in Berlin along with her tutor, so she feels like a prisoner. A few days later, her tutor disappears.

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Heidi, is almost certain that she escaped. Heidi is then escorted through tunnels, when a bomb goes off. She somehow survives this, and then takes matters into her own hands.

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She finds a family of Germans and escapes with them to Australia. The family of Germans take Heidi in as their own daughter, and with them, Heidi then begins a new life.