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It is written in such a way that the reader cannot predict the outcome. The reader keeps on flipping one page after the other, just to get to the end. This is the first book written by Johnstone in his Mountain Man Series. The novel is about a daring ambitious young man full desire to travel and see the world. He leaves his family behind and sets on his path to pursue his dreams.

On his way he encounters numerous challenges of living in a strange land. He is also waylaid by wicked white and Indian men. All these experiences brings him to the harsh truth that in the frontier, one has to do all that it takes to survive. The man flees for safety in the Rocky Mountain wilderness. He stays there for a while and masters skills that transform his life.

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  • He becomes the Preacher, a man feared by his enemies and adored by his fans in equal measure. The Preacher is highly skilled and at one point he is even portrayed as the only man with the ability to lead a wagon train full of pilgrims through the Oregon Trail. However, the only through way is through a renegade blood thirsty Indians. He has to do all that he can to ensure that the wagon does pass through successfully.

    Johnstone tactically takes the Preacher through numerous challenges in an effort to shed light into the problems faced in these areas.