Guide Talking About Text: Guiding Students to Increase Comprehension Through Purposeful Talk

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Save to. Save to:. Save Create a List. Create a list. Save Back. The Teacher Store Cart. Checkout Now. Grades PreK—K , 1—2 , 3—5 , 6—8. Establish Routines to Foster Independence Establishing routines at the beginning of the year is crucial. I show students what reading partners look like and sound like. Dive Into Instruction Divide your lesson into segments: before, during, and after reading. Students should not read round-robin, as they used to do. Instead, make your way around the group to work one-on-one with each student for a few minutes.

Comprehension Through Conversation The Power of Purposeful Talk in the Reading Workshop

Different students will need different strategies—some may need support using first-letter cues, while others may need help monitoring their comprehension see sidebar. Monitoring Are you right?

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Does that make sense? Does it look right? Check it with your finger. Decoding Say the first part and check the picture. What would look right and make sense? Search By. View Sample.

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Talking about Text: Guiding Students to Increase Comprehension Through Purposeful Talk

Share Your Opinion. Can anyone tell me how this make her feel?

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Multiple voices: Sad. Teacher: Yes, but just sad? Several things are happening here, most of which maintain the teacher as the authority and reduce the need for discourse. The teacher responds to each student voice rather than encouraging students to respond to one another. She confirms the motive suggested by Marla, and she confirms and clarifies Kevin's thinking, eliminating any need for the other students to engage with him.

Her multiple "yeses" elevate answers over ideas, with the "can anyone tell me" phrase indicating that the process is evaluative.

If students have different perspectives, the quick firing off of the next question has eliminated any space to explore them. As an alternative, we can use questions that open the conversation to a range of possibilities and then defer and nudge instead of evaluating. Questions like, "What do the rest of you think about this? To engage students in real talk, we must be thoughtful and responsive, trust in students' abilities, and support them in problem solving instead of controlling the process ourselves. Far from being stymied by Christmas in the Trenches , these students dove in strategically.

Ana, who did not utter a word in our opening excerpt, later offered a pivotal insight. With her finger tracing the words on the last page, she pointed out, "The author said wondering. Then, drawing from the inner conversation that had obviously been raging in her head, Ana posed, "They don't want the war now. They're wondering! They know it's messed up too. Barnes, D. From communication to curriculum. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann. Mehan, H. Learning lessons: Social organization in the classroom. Nichols, M. Comprehension through conversation: The power of purposeful talk in the reading workshop.

Talking about text: Guiding students to increase comprehension through purposeful talk. Huntington Beach, CA: Shell. Workshop teachers - Come prepared to share our work using the Comprehensive Literacy Model lesson plans which also follow the Gradual Release of Responsibility instructional model. Even if you did not sign up, you can still participate! Just check out the pdf link above, read, and come prepared to discuss and have fun learning with colleagues!

Talking About Text: Guiding Students to Increase Comprehension Through Purposeful Talk

The days of posting a newsletter around the neighborhood are over. Log in Sign up for free. They're easy to make and impossible to mess up : Try it now. Pin it. Follow Contact. Five Predictable Problems Everyone's Talking at Once When students are exploring compelling questions, multiple voices will sometimes clamor for attention.

Rather than assert control, Katie, the teacher, nudges her students to problem solve: Teacher: Hmmm—too many voices. What should we do? Monique: I'll go first.

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That dad, he … Monique, a capable, confident student who tends to dominate, is eager to solve the problem by claiming the first turn. Recognizing the need for a more inclusive process, Katie steps back in: Teacher: How can we be sure we listen to everyone's idea? Martin: Monique can go, then Keira, and then me. No One's Listening Too often, we use the ability to retell as the gauge for listening.

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  • Rather than building on Anthony's thinking, Melinda launches into describing her own thinking: Melinda: I wrote on mine that— Teacher immediately interceding : Hold on, Melinda, did you really listen to what Anthony said? Teacher: Why do you think Jim Arnosky wrote the text in a lyrical way?